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The Program

Our program is not just about hitting tennis balls. The program is heavily emphasized on providing a pathway for our  young players to reach their full potentials, such as turning professional or receiving US College scholarships.  Our extensive worldwide connections will enable us to assist our players in their overall development and allow them to study at some of the top universities around the world.

Our commitment and work will not end after each lesson. We understand that every lesson is just part of the training program and a small step towards reaching the ultimate goal. Developing our players will be a long process that will take commitment and sacrifices from both sides. Our passion for the sport and experience will be great tools to help our players reach the next level, regardless of their ability.

Along the way, our program will also focus on building our players’ character. Skills such as inner-motivation, creativity, self-discipline, time management, sportsmanship behavior and confidence can be learned during tennis training and transferred to real life.

Our training program will be based on the best from both the East and West coaching philosophy and style. Our coaches come from different parts of the world and bring years of invaluable experience and knowledge to the academy. We hope that a unique blend of the two worlds can be of some help to our players.

Moreover, our coaching team understands the importance of open channel communication. Therefore, communication with players and parents has become part of our program and daily work too as this enables us to identify players and parents’ needs immediately. Our qualified, dedicated and passionate coaching team is what sets us apart from other programs.

Monthly Report